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SafetyNet Features

Easily Create Snapshots

SafetyNet's "QuickSave" functionality allows you to quickly take snapshots of your QuickBooks Online account in seconds. No configuration or overhead, simply click one button, and we take care of the rest.

No Sign Up Required

SafetyNet uses Single Sign-On with your Intuit credentials, so no new account or sign-up is necessary. Simply login using your Intuit account, authorize the companies you want SafetyNet to work with, and you're good to go!

Keep an Archive of Snapshots

SafetyNet can store an archive of all the Snapshots you've created, along with stats like how many customers you had at that point in time. A visual graph and table of all your historical snapshots makes it easy to find and rollback to!

Data is Secure and Encrypted

We take the security of your data very seriously. Every object we back up is encrypted with it's own unique encryption key before it is stored to ensure no-one gets access to your data except you.

Frequently Asked Questions

SafetyNet works by using the QuickBooks Online API in order to fetch all the data in your QuickBooks Online Account, and create backups of them. Each time you create a new Archive, SafetyNet will ask QuickBooks Online for all of your objects, and record them as an Archive. At any point in the future you can then restore your QuickBooks Online company to look exactly as it did when the Archive was created. With the Small Business version of SafetyNet you can keep as many Archives as you like, allowing you to keep a history from any point in time.

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All SafetyNet Archives are stored on our servers located in the United States. All data is encrypted by our servers before it is written to our databases, to ensure that the only person who is able to access your companies information is you.

With the Small Business Plan you’ll get automatic daily backups (archives), and the ability to manually create backups (archives) as often as you’d like. All archives are kept in storage for potential restoration at any point.

Customers on the Free Plan will be allowed to keep one backup (archive) at a time, and will not have automatic daily backups.

SafetyNet backs up all objects available through the QuickBooks Online API. A detailed description of support for all objects and known issues can be found here.

Customers on the Small Business Plan are allowed unlimited archives, restores, and archive history per connected company.

Customers on the Free Plan will be allotted one backup per connected company.

Once you are logged in with your Intuit ID, you can switch which QuickBooks Online companies you want to backup with SafetyNet.

To get started with SafetyNet you can sign in with your Intuit Account. SafetyNet will then find all of your QuickBooks Online Accounts that you manage and you can then choose which ones you would like to backup.

SafetyNet has two plans available for users. The first is a free plan that allows for one backup per connected company (users can connect as many companies as they'd like).

The second is the Small Business plan that costs $5 per month, per connected company. The paid plan will feature unlimited backups (archives), and daily automated backup per connected company.